Common Sense Alliance is an informal association which pools money to promote public policy discussion, with a special emphasis on fiscal responsibility and constitutional principle. We are currently seeking three candidates for municipal office in Aspen, Colorado who will work to implement the construction of the highway solution featured on this website. Because there are currently no candidates to support, there are no election reporting requirements at this time.

Contributions made at this Donate link will be used for a direct mail search for qualified candidates, but may also be used for other purposes. We do not share the identities of our supporters.

There is no limit on the amount you may contribute.




In the event that we do find candidates, we may provide support to their campaigns. Donations made through the Entrance Solution link are subject to campaign reporting requirements, and your participation will be public.

Please Note: The Paypal form for your donation will ask you for your occupation and employer. Collection of this information is required under Colorado campaign finance reporting law, but is not made public.

Please donate up to $250 per person, per candidate.



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